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Buy automatic instagram story views.

Instagram stories became very popular shortly after its appearance.

Often, ig stories gain more views than instagram posts, many bloggers and commercial accounts

post 5-10 stories a day or more.

Also, stories are very convenient for interacting with the audience - you can create polls, voting and etc.

Through our service, you can bring your stories to the top and attract more organic views.

Automatic story views are designed for those who want to constantly promote their stories - you do not need to order

this service every day, just place 1 order to receive auto story views every day for a month.

It’s no secret that now every Instagram user has hundreds or thousands of subscriptions, many people simply

don’t have time to view all the content.

Therefore, it is very important to be in the forefront if you want your stories to be seen by the maximum number of people.


Automatic instagram story views - price line

500 views - $25

1000 views - $50

5000 views - $250

10 000 views - $500


How to buy automatic instagram story views?


2) Select number of views.

3) Leave a link to your instagram page.

4) Click Add To Bag / Checkout.

5) Pay order.


How much story views i can buy?

Minimum quantity for order - 500 story views.

Maximum quantity for order - 10 000 story views.