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Buy twitter poll votes.


1. What are the benefits of buying twitter poll votes?

2. How to buy twitter poll votes.

3. Price line.

4. Description of the service.

5. FAQ.


1. What are the benefits of buying twitter poll votes?

Our service allows you to add a lot of votes to the desired answer in the Twitter poll quickly and efficiently!

An increase in the number of voters for a particular answer will help to win any competition

or online competition in which you need to get the maximum number of votes.


2. How to buy twitter poll votes.

1) Select quantity of twitter votes.

2) Enter twitter link, example:


3) Click Add To Bag / Checkout.


3. Price line.

100 twitter poll votes - $3.00

200 twitter poll votes - $6.00

300 twitter poll votes - $9.00

400 twitter poll votes - $12.00

500 twitter poll votes - $15.00


4. Description of the service.

Start: within 1-2 hours.

Speed: 100k votes daily speed.

Minimum quantity for order: 100 twitter votes.

Maximum quantity for order: 100 mln twitter votes.



Before placing an order, the twitter account must be open, do not close the account for the duration of the service

and do not change the link URL. 


5. FAQ.

1) Can you buy twitter votes?

Yes, it is possible, you can order votes for twitter poll in any quantity.


2) How to buy twitter votes cheap?


3) How fast the twitter poll votes service works?

Maximum speed up to 500K votes per day.


4) How to specify a Twitter poll vote link?

The link should look like this: