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Buy targeted spotify plays.


1. How to buy targeted spotify plays.

2. What are the benefits of buying targeted spotify plays?

3. Price line.

4. Country targeted spotify plays - description of the service.

5. FAQ.

GEO targeted spotify plays is the best tool to promote your tracks in a specific country.

If you need a plays from a country that is not listed in our shop - write us a request and we will add it.


Description of the service:

Start: 1-12 hours.

Speed: up to 100 k plays per day - depend from the server.

Minimum Quantity: 100 plays.

Maximum Quantity: 10 million plays.


How to place an order:

1) Go to the service page:    geo targeted spotify plays

2) Select quantity of spotify plays.

3) Select country.

4) Leave a link to your track.

5) Click Add To Bag / Checkout.


GEO targeted spotify plays available for order:

USA plays

UK plays

CANADA plays


ITALY plays


ISRAEL plays


FRANCE plays

BRAZIL plays