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About Spotify

Spotify is a one of the leading music streaming service in the world, offering legal free listening to music.

In October 2008, Spotifay began work in Scandinavia, France and Spain, and in February of the following year

it became available in the UK. In May 2010 it opened in the Netherlands, in July 2011 in the USA, in November

of the same year in Austria, Belgium and Switzerland, then, in 2012, it earned in Germany, Australia, New Zealand,

Ireland and Luxembourg.


In 2013, the service continued to increase its presence in countries such as Italy, Poland, Portugal, Mexico, Hong Kong,

Malaysia, Singapore, Latvia, Lithuania, Iceland, Argentina, Greece, the Republic of China and other countries.

In 2014, the service became available in the Philippines, Brazil and Canada.

In 2016, two Asian states were added: Japan and Indonesia. In 2017, this list was added to Thailand.


Spotifay covers more than 30 million songs, the number of which is growing every

day. As of June 2016, the service registered more than 100 million people, 40 million of which use paid services.