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Buy custom instagram comments.


1. What is a custom instagram comments.

2. Why to buy custom instagram comments.

3. How to buy custom instagram comments.

4. Description of the service.

5. Price line.

6. FAQ.


1. What is a custom instagram comments.

In our service you can buy both random and custom сomments for instagram.

The difference is clear from the name, using random comments you will get neutral or positive comments.

Buying custom comments, you can enter your comment text, and you will get exactly the comments that you ordered.


2. Why to buy custom instagram comments.

As you know, when ranking posts on Instagram, various parameters are taken into account.

The most important indicators are the number of likes, saves, reposts and comments.

Buying a comments, you can easily increase the activity in your Instagram account.

In most cases, it is better to use custom comments, as they are most relevant to the topic and context of your publication.

Buying comments is justified if it benefits, for example, if you have a commercial account and earn on instagram.


3. How to buy custom instagram comments.

1) Select quantity of ig comments.

2) Enter comments.

3) Select gender.

4) Select country.

5) Enter instagram post link.

6) Click Add To Bag / Checkout.


4. Description of the service.

Start: instant, up to 1 hour.

Speed: up to 100 comments per day.

Minimum Quantity: 1 comment.

Maximum Quantity: 100 comments.


5. Price line.

1 comment - $1 

5 comments - $5

10 comments - $10 


6. FAQ.

1) Can I buy geo targeted custom comments for instagram?

Sure, we can provide:

- Worldwide comments,

- USA comments,

- UK comments,

- Germany comments,

- French comments,

- Spain comments,

- Italy comments,

- Indian comments,

- Japan comments,

- China comments,

- Turkey comments.


2) How to buy custom instagram comments cheap.

Customers of our store can get the lowest prices for custom ig comments service using the privileges of the loyalty

program. With promo codes you will receive prices 10-50% lower than the base ones that are indicated in our store.

On your first order, we can give you a 15% discount code:    M93F0GLX49RF


3) How to get custom comments on instagram.

There are several ways. The first option is to use a smm service, such as ours, for example.

In another case, you can create several instagram accounts yourself and make comments from them.


4) How to buy instagram custom comments with paypal.

Paypal is one of the most popular payment systems both in the USA and in other countries.

Most of our customers prefer to use paypal to buy smm services, and of course using paypal you can order

comments for instagram.


5) Custom instagram comments app - how it works?

Perhaps you saw on the Internet free apps for promotion on Instagram, including apps to get comments on instagram.

We do not recommend experimenting with such applications, as they can be harmful to your PC or phone.

The only safe way to order comments is to buy IG comments directly on the site.