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Buy real tiktok comments.



1. What does real tiktok comments mean.

2. How to buy real tiktok comments.

3. How to get real tiktok comments.

4. Description of the service.

5. FAQ.


1. What does real tiktok comments mean.

When people talk about real comments, they mean those that are written by real and active users.


2. How to buy real tiktok comments.

1) Select number of tiktok comments.

2) Enter text of comments.

3) Enter tiktok video link.

4) Checkout.


3. How to get real tiktok comments.

Try to come up with interesting concepts for videos that will eventually go viral.


4. Description of the service.

Minimum for order: 10 tiktok comments.

Maximum for order: 50 000 tiktok comments.

Start time: 1-3 hours.


5. FAQ.

1) How much real tiktok comments i can get?

We can do up to 50 k comments for tiktok.